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These ceremonies will help you with your mindset and how to attract the desires that you want to achieve. We will be working on different ways that we can attract abundance, appreciate what we have, and let go of what is also holding us back from living our best lives.  All you need to do is say, " YES " to receive the downloads and follow along to do your own practices. 

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Rewind Program

So excited to be spending my time with you in this new five day program. We are going to work on anything you want to rewind! This means......... past pain, childhood wishes, desires, needs, good-byes and much more fro your healing and growth.

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Center Yourself Program

Looking to release stress, tension and even depression? There will be 4 modules with Theta Healing downloads. All you have to do is say, " YES ". Our 1st module is working on the inner child, 2nd is Trust, 3rd is Speaking your Honesty and last is the Chakras. You will learn a lot about confidence and how to work through the heaviness of any difficulties you might have experienced in the past.

Income Program

Who is this program for?
This is for anyone looking to get outside of the everyday 9-5 job. Someone who is looking to get out of the mindset that they are stuck in a job, confused about their purpose and who knows that they are meant to go further with a passion or hobby.

We will be using the facebook group group to share and support each other, stream our Zoom calls, listen to our modules etc.

During our weekly Zoom calls we will focus on each module and you will receive theta healing downloads that will help you release energy or limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your dream. We will also work on getting you to your ultimate dreams as a passionate person living a life that works best for you.

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Reiki Treatment

Reiki Level 1

Intuition expands and deepens, as well, with self Reiki. This provides a perfect foundation which makes it possible to serve others through the teachings and methods of Reiki and other energy healing and transforming modalities.

The course gives you part A REIKI 1 training 2 hours. You will receive an attunement, which offers you the ability to heal through your hands. It will allow you to go through a cleanse and help you become more aware of energy. You will learn how to work on others as well.

Part B REIKI 1 training 2 hours ( this will give you an opportunity to understand how to deepen your practice.

Reiki Workshop 2 hours (gives you an idea how we can understand reiki energy)

2 additional videos on the information about attunements and the understanding of chakra balancing.

Reiki Level 2

This program will give you the tools to perform Reiki healing on others. It is not a certified course, as it is online. You will receive everything you need in order to begin your healing journey. You will receive the reiki level 2 attunement ceremony just by listening! You will become attuned to the 3 symbols attached to this class. One is used in past life healing and distant healing sessions. One is related to emotional and mental balancing for those struggling with emotional challenges such as addictions, overwhelm, depression etc. Last one is related to general blocks in the chakras. We use symbols as a tool to deepen the healing process and a way to add to the home, work space and more. You must have reiki level 1 in order to understand level 2. It is important that you receive the reiki attunement of 1 first, as level 2 will allow you to deepen your connection. You might feel effects from the reiki attunement or not! Every individual experiences this process in their own way. If you would enjoy additional support, please book a one on one session with Robin.

Reiki Treatment
Reiki Treatment

Reiki 3/4

Learn the basic principles of Reiki 1, 2 and 3. A review of important guidelines for teachings. Also how to approach healings for overall health.  Learn about symbolism and simple healing attunements that will help heal specific issues in the body. We begin to focus on leadership and confidence with your energy practices. Looking to learn how to help others in your Reiki practice? Perhaps go deeper in your own healing ? Receive your last Reiki attunement and learn helpful symbols that will allow you to open up all of the chakras instantly, offer reiki attunements to others, cleanse your energy and much more!

We will offer you a water ceremony, the process of moving energy for the purpose of healing and opening the chakras, balancing life, energy and of course emotional patterns that stop you from living your best self.

Looking to teach?

Learn the process of passing the gift of reiki and the energy practices affiliated.
We will check in with ourselves and create structure specifically for you to be able to move forward.

2 amazing days of learning, relaxing and connecting to the universal life force energy

Type of Reiki: Dr. Usui Tibetan

Pre-requisite : Level 2

Akashic Records Program

This course will teach you how to enter the Akashic Records and use multiple tools when you are inside this magical place! 

Each week we will go deeper into our healing journey and you will learn how to help others go further.

You will not receive a certificate, however you will be able to understand the meanings and t