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Super New Moon in Capricorn December 23rd, 2022

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Every moon has it's own element in terms of how it will have an impact us on a global scale. If you aren't sure of how to take advantage of this new moon then please go to my playlist Rituals and Practices NEW MOON RITUALS.

After channeling this New Moon in Capricorn, there is a strong pull for us to listen to music that will help us in terms of focus, as well as something uplifting to get you in the mood.


Broad Definition: A supermoon is a new or full moon that occurs when the Moon is near perigee (the point in the Moon's orbit where it is closest to Earth). By this definition, there can be several supermoons in a year. This means that we will be feeling the energy more than usual, especially if you are a Capricorn!

An important thing to consider at this time might be to look at how you are showing up for others, as well as yourself. Are you being your authentic self everyday and always? This is a time to be in a worker's mindset. Although the holiday season is here it is still very significant for work life, as well as financial abundance. This might look like someone who is less likely to give up on their late night work, or a person who wants to help someone else in need.

This moon is helping us with focusing on our bank accounts. Our home life may need to be reevaluated, as well as our supportive relationships. My painting provided in the photograph suggests that we are looking deeper into things. Are you considering your outcomes at this moment? The Green in the painting is showing us that we are no longer settling and that there is a strong sense of renewal that we can expect with this Capricorn new moon.

Focus on positive thinking. Are you thinking in ways that are supportive? It is extremely important around a new moon to manage your negative thought process. Sign up for my monthly Membership and get monthly meditations, theta healing and many other supportive tools that can help you with managing your day to day.

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