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Starting a Belief System and Why

The Start of Your Belief System

Why Have One?

Having a belief system is only for your own personal reasons. I feel that your beliefs relate to your thoughts in relation to your own decision making and risk taking is often involved. Do you think the way that you do because of others and worry about about what they will think? I often ponder if my own thoughts are even because of my own experiences.

We will often cause pain to ourselves because of how someone else might become affected. We might change an original thought because someone might make us feel like we need to change this. Do you wonder if you will be perceived in a different way than you are truly desiring? Maybe someone might question you? Being questioned doesn’t mean that you are always wrong. It also might mean that you are having a learning opportunity and in fact, expanding on something along your spiritual journey.


Are you obsessed with always being right? Is it okay to go against the flow? Go against anything that isn’t bringing you joy. Often, we will sway towards someone else’s opinion because me might be feeling insecure or a strong urge to be reassured.


I can’t forget how many times I have stopped for someone else to make a decision for me. Maybe my answer is wrong? Perhaps the timing isn’t right for me to speak up or step up to the plate? I feel that your time is now. Anything that you have to say is important enough to share. Even if you aren’t even sure of what you are really meant to be attracting.

Creative expansion or intuitive messages might look like small whispers saying, “HOLD ME”. I feel that logically we might be thinking that this doesn’t make any sense at all. Often we will go towards a specific meaning and all that matters is that we are receiving this message at the exact time that we are meant to. How we interpret these messages will have an impact on our lifestyle and don't forget to remind yourself that you are always free.

The goal is to stop pulling yourself away from what is truly going on. If you can really listen to what is coming through it is then that we can actually start to pick these messages apart to understand the true meaning.


Your guides will support you even if you don't believe. There are always supportive energies around us and it is our choice whether we want to receive the beautiful guidance that is always available to us.

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