Once you are in this space, you have access to all of the information about your soul, past, present and future.
You can ask any questions you’d like, to learn more about yourself, gain guidance for a particular situation, or get answers for those long unanswered questions.
What’s beautiful is that the Records will only give you the information you can tolerate and integrate at the time. It’s a very loving space. Full of unconditional love and acceptance.
You will get in touch with your Higher Self, the soul version of you. By doing so, you will gain more appreciation, understanding and love for yourself.
Your Higher Self holds so much wisdom that can often not come through when we are blocked by our human conditioning and resistance.
Accessing the Records includes releasing those blocks, healing them and clearing space for more wisdom to flow to you. Some of the things that might happen are:

  • Past life regressions

  • Current life regressions

  • Ancestral healing

  • Astral travel

  • Forgiveness and Inner child work

  • Emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT or Tapping )

  • Crystals, Sound healing, Card Readings